“The Bluebird carries the sky on his back”

I just love this quote by Henry David Thoreau! The bluebird is such a bright, beautiful shade of blue and always seems to evoke a smile from me, even when I am feeling down. It’s as if he really carries the Carolina blue sky on his back. They have been a favorite bird of mine for years. I had seen them around our neighborhood for years before ever seeing one in my own backyard. I remember that day vividly! I was so excited that three of them had landed in my tree but they didn’t stick around long enough for me to get a picture of them. They would return every once in awhile but never with any regularity even though I put out mealworms for them. But finally during the spring of 2019 a pair of them decided to nest in my backyard. My husband put up a nice Bluebird nest box for them, they checked it out and decided to move in. The female got to work and started building her nest over the course of about 10-14 days, and I would sneak out while she was gone and check on her progress. One day while checking on her progress I discovered a bright blue egg, one more the next day and each day after that until there were 5 beautiful blue eggs in the nest. Then she would sit on the eggs while her mate brought her […]

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