Boy Did I Finally Find the Snow Geese!

Over the course of winter 2020 I tried many times, all unsuccessfully, to see the Snow Geese that winter along our coast each year. Hundreds of thousands waterfowl call the coastal region of North Carolina home each winter, so how hard could it be to see them? The odds were in my favor! I kept seeing sightings on eBird of hundreds if not thousands of Snow Geese in a few areas that I was going to visit and just knew I would get to see them! I couldn’t have been more wrong. I got up several mornings before sunrise to be in place for their arrival; they must have known I was waiting and changed their plans because I never saw one Snow Goose! This year, I hoped to see them but after last year’s luck was hesitant. My first Snow Goose sighting was in late November at Pocosin Lakes NWR. There was a huge flock of them on Pungo Lake, but they were all the way across the lake. Surely that wasn’t the only look at Snow Geese I would have this year! Was it? After my time at Pungo Lake, I headed to the coast for a few days of birding, surely I would see some at Pea Island! Not a single Snow Goose the entire trip to the coast! But luck was on my side on my next attempt! I saw them! And then I saw them […]

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